Opposing the Trans Pacific Partnership

Why would anyone expect anything but another race to the bottom in terms of farm prices, worker wages, environmental standards, and human rights with passage of the TPP? We need only look at what happened in the years following NAFTA: Over two million Mexican farmers driven off their land by subsidized US corn dumping. Risking…

About that propane shortage

….We are fighting tooth and nail and putting our natural resources at risk to become energy independent and we are exporting the very thing we need? Well apparently there’s better money in exporting propane than protecting the lives and well being of Americans and particularly Wisconsinites in this case. I don’t know…shouldn’t energy independence actually…

So, who said it?

You’ll be surprised… “The basic effect of an increase in the minimum wage … would be to intensify the cruel competition among the poor for scarce jobs….Minimum wage legislation has no place in a strategy to eliminate poverty.”… more» Via Dad29.

Wisconsin’s economy looks bleak despite Black Friday’s approach

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Editor’s Note: Thanks to a press release from Gov. Scott Walker’s office (here), and a Politifact story largely denouncing the governor’s released claims (here), Wisconsinites have become familiar with something called the state coincident indexes as created by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. While the indexes are …more» Via Wisconsin Happy Farm.

A slaughterhouse life

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In rural Noel, Mo., the elementary school has become the safety net for the children whose parents work at the Tyson chicken plant. More than 90 percent of them qualify for free or reduced lunch. Three-quarters of their parents are immigrants from places like Mexico, Myanmar, the Pacific Islands… more» Via Wisconsin Watch.

Who’s War on Women?

Women are hurting in Obama’s America. From CNSNews: American women participating in the nation’s labor force hit a new low at a rate of 56.9 percent in October, according to data … more » Via FREEDOM EDEN.

Yes, but…

Gov. Walker on whether he should be judged on 250,000 jobs pledge: “Sure, not exclusively, but they should judge that,” Walker replied. “They should also judge it in the context of where we were and where we’re at and what would change. And I say that with the sense that I don’t back off of…

Walker Admin touts Wisconsin’s economic turnaround around

And while the most recent quarterly data, BLS’ most definitive numbers, show Wisconsin’s job growth rate lagging much of the nation, the signs of more robust job creation ahead are everywhere, administration officials insist. The state’s private sector, according to BLS preliminary data, added 28,100 private-sector jobs between April and July, the best total since…

Wisconsin’s 34th nationally in job creation

Wisconsin added 24,305 private-sector jobs in the 12 months from March 2012 to March 2013, representing a 1.1% increase in employment, according to the latest and most comprehensive government data released Thursday. The figures give the state a rank of 34th nationally in the pace of private-sector job creation in the 12-month period, an analysis…

Tommy to talk about fat, old people

Former U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson is scheduled to speak in Madison on “Obesity in America: What It Means for Wisconsin’s Economy and Seniors.” Via Tommy Thompson to speak in Madison on obesity’s effect on state economy @ JS All Politics Blog.

About a boost in the minimum wage

Secunda’s claim [favoring a higher minimum wage] about other countries that have high minimum wages fails to mention that he is talking about socialist countries of Europe that have chronically higher unemployment than the U.S. does. Via Yet More on the $15 Minimum Wage @ Marquette Warrior.

Minnesota’s economy bests Wisconsin’s

The separation between Minnesota and Wisconsin has become even more pronounced this spring. In fact the Philly Fed’s Leading Index forecasts Minnesota’s economy continuing its solid growth the next six months.Wisconsin? It was one of only five states to show an expected decline. Via In the economic game, Minnesota is pulling away from Wisconsin |…

Is anyone responsible?

….Scott Walker has been making the media rounds lately in an attempt to do damage control over his inability, thus far, to create the jobs he pledged to create when he ran for Governor of Wisconsin. But he’s only making matters worse for himself, as he blames his failings on everything from the recall to…

Year over year, Wisconsin’s job creation declines

….compared to the prior 12-month period for Wisconsin, from December 2011 to December 2012, private-sector job creation slowed from 32,282. “The momentum looks to be slowing, not continuing,” said Brian Jacobsen, chief investment strategist at Wells Fargo Funds Management in Menomonee Falls…. Via Scott Walker’s yearly Jobs record: 1st year 32,282, this last year 24,124.…

The GOP needs a different name

On a national level RNC chair Reince Priebus wants to conceal candidate platforms by limiting questions and debates for public viewing. It’s a ploy tea party candidates exploited in 2010, when they refused general media interviews and went to conservative outlets only. Via It’s the Republican “hide the evidence” Party, or How to Conceal their…

Pondering ’14 and ’16, Gov. Walker settles down

Referring to Wisconsin, where unemployment is down less than 1 percentage point since January 2011, Walker said he was trying to avoid tackling issues that would attract the massive protests that resulted from his collective bargaining bill in 2011. Employers told me “we need things to be stable, we need some certainty,” Walker said. Via…

Where gasoline is cheaper

Not everyone in Wisconsin pays the same price for a gallon, but everyone pays the same tax on gas. Via Madistan Trip? Worthwhile! @ Dad29.