Spring gets all the best press…

Spring, oh I love you, Spring! Nature’s rebirth is our seasonal blessing! What joy to see your greenery once again! What happiness to breathe your fragrance once again! What contentment to hear your birds in the morning once again! What reassurance to feel your soft turf under our weary feet! Our senses come alive and we drink you in in big gulps of gratitude. For Spring is the season of hope and the season of promise. And I love it because it restores my soul through its resilient persistence. It always shows up.

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Book Review: Food Sanity

It’s amazing how many different diets–including Paleo, Atkins, Mediterranean and Keto–we have at our disposal. I myself have tried Tim Ferriss’ slow-carb diet, though I’m familiar with others. One thing is clear: there’s not a lot of consistency in terms of what you may or may not eat from one diet to another.

Leave it to a chiropractor to figure it out.

In Dr. David Friedman’s recently published book, Food Sanity: How to Eat in a World of Fads and Fiction ($19.99, Turner Publishing), which I accepted an offer to review, he pores over unbiased research to debunk myths and create a definitive list of what foods to eat and what foods to avoid.

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A little help from his friends

On March 24, two days after Dane County Judge Josann Reynolds, (Branch two), ordered Scott Walker to call two special elections, and one day after Republicans vowed to enact legislation blocking the judicial order, the Wisconsin State Journal ran a banner, 3/4-inch headline reading “State GOP seeks swift action” in its print edition.

This March 24 headline misleads readers with the undefined “seeks swift action,” omitting the fact state Republicans scrambled to continue to block elections, (as the news piece reports).

Via MAL Contends . . .: Wisconsin State Journal Shielded Scott Walker and Republicans in Blocking-elections Scandal

Happy Easter 2018

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Palestinian Christian youth carry candles during Easter prayers at the Church of Saint Porphyrius in Gaza City on April 1, 2018.

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Hope for Ourselves

To be whole, you have to have hope for yourself. To be whole, you have to face the truth of your past and your present. And this kind of clarity is hard and sometimes scary, and it often comes at a tipping point. When we can’t not do it anymore, then we face it. And I know that empaths are so brave for others. We need to be brave for ourselves. To do what it takes to stitch up that wound. (We know that scar tissue is stronger than skin. We will be stronger too.)

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Blue Agave

Blue Agave opened late last year in the former home of the Bayou, bringing yet another Mexican option to downtown. I’ll probably return for happy hour when the drinks aren’t overpriced and to get more of the delicious guacamole.Similar to the Bayou, Blue Agave turns into a dance club after dinner, featuring Latin music.The menu has the expected chicken dishes, burritos, fajitas, chimichangas and tacos. The entrees here are big and filling.

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Long odds

Since 2009, Khalil Audi of Cudahy, Wisconsin, has cashed in lottery tickets 33 times to the tune of about $80,000.

His $10,000 win from Badger Cash Blowout? A one-in-72,000 chance. When he bought a $30 Super Millions scratch-off ticket, he had a one-in-200,000 shot of winning $5,000 — the same odds as giving birth to conjoined twins.

But that ticket cashed, too.

With wins as recent as 2017, Audi’s luck has not run out. Along the way, he has won Pick 4 a handful of times. Audi’s wins are surprising, but he is not even the luckiest person in Wisconsin.

According to Wisconsin Lottery data obtained by Gaming the Lottery, an international investigation into the global lottery industry, the state’s most frequent winner was Annie Mason of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Mason bought tickets worth $600 or more 65 times since 2000, for total winnings of $466,780. She hung up twice when contacted by a reporter.

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Plan to spend Saturday, May 5th in Madison for the Wisconsin Bike Summit where you will gather inspiration and ideas from people doing great work across the state.

This year’s program will focus on what’s happening around our state at the grassroots level.  The Summit brings together bicycling and equity advocates, transportation planners, elected officials, and others, all working in diverse ways to make Wisconsin a great place to bicycle.

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Badger finds his den

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported on Friday night that according to a source, Hayes will sign with the Sacramento Kings for the remainder of the 2017-18 season as well as the 2018-19 season.

Earlier this month, Hayes signed a 10-day contract with the Toronto Raptors, as well as another contract of that duration with the NBA Eastern Conference’s current No. 1 seed before being released by the organization on March 26.

Via Wisconsin basketball: Nigel Hayes to sign with Sacramento Kings – Bucky’s 5th Quarter.

One’s Mainstream, the Other’s Michael Screnock

While justices have been known to change while serving on a high court, most tend to conform to the record of their past legal career. Dallet’s career has been that of a mainstream prosecutor and judge who has been endorsed by more than 175 judges in Wisconsin. She seems most like the late moderate conservative justice Patrick Crooks, who was tough on crime, but parted with the Wisconsin Supreme Court on key issues like recusal rules and campaign coordination.

As for Screnock, he has already let us know he will emulate Gableman, an aggressively right-wing justice who operated as a rubber stamp for the conservatives who now rule this state. That’s how Screnock operated as a lawyer, and nothing in his campaign has suggested he sees any reason to change.

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But serious objections to the diversion’s wisdom and legality under the Great Lakes Compact were raised by citizens at a public hearing earlier this month.

Additional objections across the Great Lakes region were mentioned in this non-partisan media report; I also wrote that some objections are amplified by Walker’s damage to Wisconsin’s environment and his debasement of the Department of Natural Resources – – the state agency which will review and can approve the Foxconn diversion application, all discussed here:

the heavily-resisted push for a Lake Michigan diversion for Foxconn adds to Wisconsin’s status as a Great Lakes environmental outlier.

Via The Political Environment: NY, Illinois raise questions about Foxconn bid for Lake Michigan water.

Money Pit 

Which leads to an obvious question – why do numerous levels of Wisconsin government continue to bend over backward to shovel billions of tax dollars to help this one company, when we could pay to meet many other needs in the state that would benefit far more people for a much lower cost? The insanity of the Fox-con continues to grow with each story you read.

Via Jake’s Wisconsin Funhouse: Foxconn keeps racking up the taxpayer-funded help.

Making it up as they go along

The Foxconn plant isn’t even built yet, but the Walker Admin and its allies (including a few local apologists for corporate welfare in Whitewater) now resort to fantastic, magical claims about how much economic development will come from nearly four billion in taxpayer subsidies.

So magical, so fantastic, that they now claim an 18-1 multiplier (yes, really):

A fully built Foxconn Technology Group plant would add $51.5 billion to Wisconsin’s gross domestic product over the 15 years the state pays incentives to the company, a new analysis by the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce concludes.

That would equate to $18 of economic impact for every $1 spent by the state, the business group, which worked to help attract Foxconn, said.

Averaged over the 15 years, the MMAC’s estimate amounts to an additional $3.4 billion annually in state gross domestic product from Foxconn. That would tack another 1% onto Wisconsin’s current GDP of about $313 billion.

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Not exactly breaking down the doors right now

LA CROSSE, WI – After Gov. Walker and Legislative Republicans approved a $7 million taxpayer-funded ad campaign aimed at luring millennials back to Wisconsin from places like Chicago and Minneapolis, Senate Democratic Leader Jennifer Shilling (D-La Crosse) noticed something was missing.

jennifer-shilling“The current ads are fine and all, but something about the glossy posters and drink coasters hasn’t seemed to resonate with the target audience,” said Sen. Shilling. “Young people are simply looking for something else and I think we need to reconsider whether this $7 million in taxpayer spending is really hitting the mark.”

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Where the bread’s buttered 

MADISON – At Monday’s Milwaukee Bar Association debate, Judge Michael Screnock was presented with multiple opportunities to commit to behaving ethically on the state Supreme Court. He declined to commit to recusing himself from cases involving his major donors at every turn.

michael-screnock-moneyWisconsin’s largest corporate lobbyist, Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, has spent more than $1.35 million in its attempts to elect Michael Screnock. This is particularly important because WMC and its member corporations frequently are party to cases before the Supreme Court. This spending would present Screnock with a massive conflict of interest should he be elected to the Supreme Court.

Via Screnock Sides With Donors over Ethics on Wisconsin’s Supreme Court @ Green Bay Progressive.