Wisconsin’s blogosphere hits a low

The always-sophisticated Kevin Binversie describes blogger James Rowan of The Political Environment: Mongoloids like James Rowen thought the Left had a winner in him or something. [Hopeless-ed.] Via State Appeals Court Rules Voter ID Constitutional @ Lakeshore Laments.

Lost in Translation

At the end of the Drug War, Whitewater’s officials either can’t tell a difference between education and coercive & punitive re-education. Via Scenes from Whitewater’s Failing Drug War @ FREE WHITEWATER.

Michele Bachmann bows out

The GOP firebrand may be leaving office, but conservatives don’t seem to mind. Via Bachman to Leave Congress, Forego Re-Election in 2014 @ Lakeshore Lamemts.

Janesville’s looking for a new city manager

In order to find one, recruiters will have to overcome a three-page job description that describes Janesville’s “increasingly depressing local and declining state environment perfectly.” Via Janesville Officials Looking To Dewalkerize Profile For City Manager Candidates @ Rock Netroots.

GOP’s a different party from a generation ago

Ninety-six Republican nominee doubts that victorious ’68, ’72, ’80 and ’84 candidates could win today. [Reagan’s a shock, but is it really such a problem that Nixon couldn’t win today- ed.?] Via Bob Dole: Reagan, Nixon Could Not Survive in Today’s GOP @ MAL Contends….

Assessing the Ed Garvey-Graeme Zielinski dust up

James Wigderson takes a look at the scuffling between former WisDems operative Graeme Zielinski and former gubernatorial candidate Ed Garvey: I find it really funny how Zielinski goes on a 634-word attack on Garvey’s character while complaining about Garvey’s attacks on Zielinski and Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate. Thou shalt not speak ill of a…

Same business, different views

Where the left sees Judy Faulkner’s Epic Systems as a jobs-creating business success, the right sees cronyism under ObamaCare. Via Leading Wisconsin Business Success: The Right Trashes Her @ The Political Environment and The Obama crony in charge of your medical records @ MichelleMalkin.com.