But you already knew that

State Election Commission: Brandtjen’s Wrong

“Though she did not cite any specific sources, Representative Brandtjen appears to be conflating and misinterpreting several different types of data related to the voter registration list and multiple processes designed to ensure election integrity. Voter data mismatches happen about 5% of the time, and are almost always minor typos which are corrected by the clerk or the voter, not fraud. These voter records are never removed from the system – there are no “ghost voters” as Representative Brandtjen claimed in a related radio interview.


Useful Advice for Whitewater, Delavan, Etc.

In Whitewater and other small towns, bold and brash populists sometimes talk about private liberty only moments later to insist that public institutions owe them and their children the teaching of virtues and habits (hard work, personal responsibility, fortitude) these very parents have sadly left untaught.

To mention this simple truth is more than these right-wing populists can bear, and throws them into fits: arms raised, heads shaking, crying out what, what, what? 


Eight Months

Paul Allard Hodgkins carries a large red “Trump 2020” flag inside the Senate chamber during the Capitol riot on Jan. 6. Via FBI.