WISGOP Congressional candidate admits exposing man’s genitals to female officers

“Here’s this lieutenant sitting behind a little curtain, spread eagle, (scrotum) huge as a cantaloupe, and his eyes swollen nearly shut,” Van Orden wrote. “That’s when I spotted two ensigns, who happened to be young girls in their early twenties.”

“‘Excuse me,’ I said to the two cute girls, approaching them. ‘Could I ask you something'”

“‘Sure,’ one of them answered.”

“After walking them over to the outside of the lieutenant’s location, I whipped the curtain back. ‘Have you ever seen anything like this?’ I asked. They gasped in horror as they saw the LT in all of his glory. I’m sure they never wanted to have anything to do with a man ever again.”

CHEATED: Trump Farm Aid Dollars Meant for Wisconsin End up in Ag Secretary’s Southern Region

The GAO report shows that much of 2019 Market Facilitation Program (MFP) farm assistance dollars went to states in the southern US. Aid from that program went to 870,400 farmers who received average funding of $16,500. The highest average payments, the report shows, went to Georgia farmers, who received $42,500 per farmer.

In contrast, 29,409 Wisconsin farmers received average $11,800 payments from the program despite producing 26 percent more economic output than their Georgia counterparts. Farmers in Alabama, Louisiana, North Dakota, Alabama and other states also averaged significantly higher average payments than in Wisconsin.

WASHINGTON-OZAUKEE PUBLIC HEALTH DEPARTMENT: Some parents have sent their COVID-19 positive children to school

There have been issues with those in quarantine trying to return to school earlier than their quarantine would allow.

In some cases, parents have refused to test their child for COVID-19 when they’re symptomatic and have sent that child’s siblings to school.

Johnson said future messaging to the community will be straightforward: “Look, your behavior, your dishonesty, is going to result in your children’s schools being shut down. You need to be honest. You need to protect the rest of your community. The end.”

Four plaintiffs file federal lawsuit against Facebook, Kyle Rittenhouse, militia groups

“In our society, heavily armed groups of untrained men are free to possess ludicrous opinions about Hitler having admirable qualities, Black people being intellectually inferior to whites, or our government being controlled by Satan-worshipping pedophiles funded by a Jewish cabal; however, when these beliefs turn into a conspiracy to deprive the rest of us of our constitutional guarantees through threats, fear, assault, violence, and murder, then the actions and coordination of these right wing militias become the subject matter of our law,” the lawsuit states. “We have an army. We do not need people playing army — particularly when their targets are engaged in the expression of fundamental rights.”

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