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Ron Johnson. Photo by Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America / (CC BY-SA)

Foxconn still the worst: Milwaukee Tool Deal Better than Either Foxconn Plan

There has been controversy over wage and benefits for contract workers in the City of Milwaukee’s $20 million-for-1,200 jobs’ deal with Milwaukee Tool, but the agreement looks pretty good by comparison to Walker’s $3-billion-to-$4+ billion package of subsidies and taxpayer-provided amenities shoveled to Foxconn which Evers – despite GOP false and ridiculous monkey-wrenching – managed to knock down to about $80 million in tax credits for a promised 1,450 jobs.


MKE Police Keep Stopping and Frisking in Violation of 2018 Settlement Agreement

The Department continues to fall short of the Settlement Agreement requirement that fewer than 15 percent of frisks fail to show individualized, objective, and articulable reasonable suspicion that the subject is armed and dangerous. Our analysis of officer-written narratives indicates that 86.8 percent of frisks are insufficiently justified. The narratives lack the specific details necessary to establish IOARS that the subject was armed and immediately dangerous to the safety of the officers and other people present at the scene of the encounter.