Full List: Trump’s Fake Wisconsin Electors

Andrew Hitt*: The chairman of the Republican Party of Wisconsin from 2019 until 2021, Hitt is a partner at consulting and lobbying firm Michael Best Strategies.

Kelly Ruh*: Ruh is an alderperson for De Pere, chairwoman of the 8th Congressional District Republican Party, and a controller for Bay Industries in Green Bay.

Carol Brunner: Brunner is the vice chairwoman of Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District Republican Party.

Edward Scott Grabins: Chairman of the Dane County Republican Party, Grabins is a technology professional, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Bill Feehan: A business manager based in La Crosse, Feehan was a 2012 candidate for District 32 of the Wisconsin state Senate.

Robert F. Spindell Jr.: Spindell has been a commissioner on the Wisconsin Election Commission since 2019. After Biden won the election, Spindell appeared at a “stop the steal” rally at the state Capitol.

Kathy Kiernan: Kiernan is the 1st Congressional District chairman for the Republican Party of Wisconsin.

Darryl Carlson: Currently executive director of conservative organization No Better Friend Corp., Carlson ran an unsuccessful campaign in 2014 for the Wisconsin State Assembly. He is a veteran and has also represented the 3rd aldermanic district in Sheboygan.

Pam Travis: Travis is treasurer of the Wisconsin Federation of Republican Women and the 7th Congressional District vice chairman for the Republican Party of Wisconsin.

Mary Buestrin: A national committeewoman of the Republican Party of Wisconsin, Buestrin says she has done volunteer work supporting Republican candidates for more than 50 years.

Slated to appear but replaced:

Tom Schreibel: Schreibel is a partner at consulting and lobbying firm Michael Best Strategies and a national committeeman of the Republican Party of Wisconsin.


Three Tosa Cops Given Immunity

John Doe investigation into the death of 25-year-old Jay Anderson Jr. in 2016 continues, questions linger around the decision to grant immunity to three Wauwatosa officers who responded to the scene. The officers were offered immunity in exchange for their testimony about what happened that night. It was a decision one of the special prosecutors involved in the John Doe investigation admitted was “unorthodox” in a filing to Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge Glenn Yamahiro. The immunity offers underscored some questionable aspects of the investigation following Anderson’s death nearly six years ago.


What He Should Have Said

Trump: Can you believe what’s happening? You can’t get anything. The shelves are empty. I did a book. They can’t publish it anymore. They can’t get the paper, the glue, the ink. Go out and buy it. You’ll like it.

What he meant to say, “They refuse to publish it anymore. It’s not worth the paper, the glue, the ink. “