‘A light-emitting diode’


Time for Democrats to come to Jesus. Time to grow some moderates instead of trolling for Republican defectors like Dale Schultz.

Scott Walker became a political rock star by becoming the only governor to survive a recall. Now he can fill a stadium. He’s on the A-list. Ready for prime time. His election night victory speech from West Allis was rock-’em, sock-’em. In a televised debate, he owns the stage. He’s telegenic, comfortable in his own skin, McLuhan media-cool. His love for wife and sons is authentic. His religious faith is strong. He’s got the bona fides. If the Republican presidential primary resembles the cattle calls of the past, with a stage full of hopefuls, Scott Walker will shine like a light-emitting diode.

Via Time for our Democratic acquaintances to come to Jesus @ Blaska's Bring It!.