About that surplus…

Here are the actual General Fund figures that were in the report released today.

Starting 2014-15 Balance $516.9 million
Revenues + Adjustments $15,213.5 million
Expenses + Adjustments $15,594.8 million
Ending 2014-15 Balance $135.6 million
2014-15 change in balances -$381.3 million

In other words, that’s not a surplus in the last fiscal year, that’s a deficit. Yes, the ending cash balance of $135.6 million is much better than the $254,000 that was projected in the Governor’s Budget last Spring, but let’s not go celebrating the fact that for the second straight year, Scott Walker and the Wisconsin GOP put together a budget that overspent its revenues (the 2013-14 deficit was $242.3 million). Now there is very little cushion left in case there’s another shortfall in this fiscal year, in a time when the economy may be slowing down.

Via That’s not a surplus in Wisconsin. And other budget BS @ Jake’s Economic TA Funhouse.