After insisting no invitation was sent, state Sen. Wanggaard finds certified invitation letter in his own car


Walker and Wanggaard did not attend the forum. But organizers said the two candidates had been invited.

Upon hearing that information, Wanggaard’s Chief of Staff Scott Kelly, contacted on Monday, denied the lawmaker ever received an invitation.

“I heard that they said Van was invited — that is a lie,” Kelly wrote in a text message. “You can quote me on that. We were not invited.”

When Citizen Action of Wisconsin contacted The Journal Times on Tuesday stating that they had twice sent a letter to Wanggaard inviting him to the event — once on March 16 and then again by certified mail on April 10 — Kelly said “that’s news to me.”

In addition to a copy of the letter, the group provided the paper with a copy of a return receipt it got from the postal service showing that the letter was delivered to Wanggaard’s home address on April 12.

Looking for the letter on Tuesday, Kelly said the senator eventually found it among some papers that were in his car. Kelly said that upon finding the letter, Wanggaard told him that he did remember getting something from Citizen Action of Wisconsin.

Via Racine Journal Times.

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