Big Ag Issues Its Demands

Big Agriculture demanding full control of water through new state laws to be enacted by Republicans, anOctober 5 press releasereads, and orders.

The brazen nature of the October 5 press release reflects the mentality of Big Agriculture in Wisconsin.

They demand “certainty” from the Republican legislators they finance, and they want their right to aquifers enshrined in law, while Big Ag plays the victim and gets its way in the DNR now in a pretension Big Ag does not already own Republican legislators, the DNR and Scott Walker.

As for the Wisconsin families who live here, (not in gated communities far from the industrialized, polluting operations like CAFO owner James Wysocki), most would be happy if Big Ag would just leave Wisconsin.

Via Big Ag Orders GOP Lawmakers and Court: We Want All Water and Right to Pollute @ MAL Contends…