Blaska on guns

Close the gun show loophole? Yeah, that should do it. (Snark alert!) Most states, including Wisconsin, already prohibit guns to domestic abusers and felons. Yes, crack down on crazy people. Just try to adjudicate craziness sometime. Jared Loughner’s parents tried to get help for the Tucson shooter, one of many who flew over the cuckoo’s nest.

Gun buy-backs? Give us your rusted … . Outright confiscation? (If it were up to the Brandi Graysons, the police themselves would be disarmed.) Suppose for a moment that good, law-abiding folks surrendered their arms to the local constabulary. Does anyone suppose the nut cases, crime families, meth cookers, and inner city gang bangers would relinquish theirs?

Via Blaska’s Bring It! is not a sitting duck.