Broke, Busted


By the time Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin departed the presidential race, his campaign was $161,000 in debt, having raised $7.3 million and spent $6.3 million, campaign finance filings released Thursday show.

There was nearly $1 million left in cash on hand, which could be earmarked for settling some outstanding receipts that haven’t been filed yet.

One of Mr. Walker’s selling points was that he would be an effective steward of the country’s finances. But his campaign filings reveal a bloated payroll and high salaries, with Mr. Walker’s campaign manager, Rick Wiley, on course to make $200,000 for the year.

There were travel bills and hotel rentals. But there was little in the way of investment in tangible infrastructure in the early voting states.

Via Scott Walker Dropped Out With Campaign Owing $161,000 @ New York Times.

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