Burdened, but still free

“Six more citizens won another free speech case against the Scott Walker administration who decided to close off the state Capitol to speech critical of Republicans after Walker infamously began publicly pursuing policies on which Walker refused to campaign.

This case in Dane County Court follows other civil rights victories against Walker’s Dept of Administration (DoA) that unilaterally closed the state capitol, and crafted and imposed free speech rules stifling the civil liberties of Wisconsin citizens.

“Dane County Judge Frank Remington awarded plaintiffs Jeremy Ryan, Jenna Pope, Valerie Walasek, Lauri Harty, Anne Hoppe and her mother, Kathleen Hoppe, damages totaling $44,830,” yesterday reports Glaze, Wisconsin State Journal.”

Via Scott Walker Loses Another Free Speech Case, Citizens Prevail @ MAL Contends . . .

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