Families fight factory farms

Families in central Wisconsin working to stop an industrialized factory farm from beginning operation know one outcome is certain.

With the inception of a Concentrated (Confined) Agricultural Feeding Operation (CAFO) comes pollution to water, air and earth to which children are especially susceptible.

Academics call these health and environmental costs, negative externalities.

Families call them mortal threats to children and health—as in Kewaunee and Door counties in northeastern Wisconsin.

Via MAL Contends . . .: Farmers investing in community earn respect, Polluting CAFO?s have none.

Ordinary residents threatened, attacked for opposing factory farms

Residents in Wood and Adams counties in central Wisconsin working to halt a massively polluting proposed industrial dairy operation, a CAFO, are crime victims being met by a new spate of theft, criminal destruction, intimidation and a possible cyber attack on a home in the Town of Saratoga. (Madden, Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune) Via Homes…

What’s in your water?

Soon after Walker took over and ordered the Wisconsin DNR to behave with a “chamber of commerce mentality,” the Legislature followed suit with a bill than unwound years of citizen/industry cooperation by greatly extending the time frame for the removal of waterway-choking, algae-feeding phosphorus chemical discharge pollution. Via Quickie hearing 5/12 presages even slower WI…

Dead Zones

Runoff is the state’s most serious water pollution problem. In Green Bay, pollutants from farm fields and other sources have helped create a dead zone, an area so low in oxygen that it can’t support most aquatic life. Via Scott Walker's budget cuts $5.7 million from runoff pollution remedies @ JSOnline.

A year without vast piles of filth

Bayfield County message to proposed Iowa-based CAFO owners: "Leave, don’t consider coming back and take your pig [shite] with you," as Wisconsin lives in fear of a CAFO moving next to their residence or farm, advised by Iowa farmers that stopping the proposed Badgerwood LLC CAFO before it begins is the only solution Via Bayfield…

Who’s up for manure-polluted water?

Across Wisconsin people are objecting to the fresh waters being polluted by pathogen-laden and oxygen-depleting liquid cow (and now proposed swine) manure fouling streams, rivers, and aquifers, creating growing dead zones in lakes where fish once swam. Via Clean Water Activists Carry Fight Across Wisconsin @ MAL Contends . . ..

Big Ag pushes vast swine farm public rejects

View image | gettyimages.com And if the attendees are any indication, a proposed swine concentrated agricultural feeding operation (CAFO) is about as popular an idea in this picturesque Lake Superior county as the millions of gallons of liquid pig manure the CAFO would produce annually by the projected 14,625 hogs. (Mullen, Ashland Daily Press) Out…