Waukesha Wonk shuts down

The reason is simple: political blogging has ceased to bring me joy. Life is too short to spend your free time doing things that don’t bring about some level of joy. Additionally, I find the tone of the political discourse of late to be disconcerting, and I’m not talking about the Republicans. Recent incidents and…

The rightwing blogosphere goes quiet in Racine

There is truly not one full-time right-wing voice coming out of Racine these days. Charlie Sykes slick pay-per-view White Right Wisconsin has picked up some of the slack, but fewer and fewer righties are out there on a daily basis taking a stand for their ideals. Has defending Scott Walker and Robin Vos become too…

Wisconsin’s blogosphere hits a low

The always-sophisticated Kevin Binversie describes blogger James Rowan of The Political Environment: Mongoloids like James Rowen thought the Left had a winner in him or something. [Hopeless-ed.] Via State Appeals Court Rules Voter ID Constitutional @ Lakeshore Laments.