Friday Catblogging: Purring, Meowing

At New York Magazine‘s Science of Us blog, Melissa Dahl writes about what cats’ purring and meowing probably means. On Purring: The one thing you probably think you understand about how cats communicate — purring means they’re happy! — isn’t exactly right. Cats do indeed purr when they’re happy, but that’s not the most accurate…

Not That Big

Many pretentious writers have begun to use the expression “orders of magnitude” without understanding what it means. The concept derives from the scientific notation of very large numbers in which each order of magnitude is ten times the previous one. Via Ron Johnson, your order is up @ The Political Environment.

Friday Catblogging: Where It’s Dog Cat-Eat-Dog

View image | gettyimages.com That place would be India: Leopards that roam rural India have a surprising favorite food: dogs. The big cats even seem to prefer eating domestic dogs in areas where cows, goats and other farm animals are plentiful, according to a new study. To reconstruct leopard diets, scientists had to take a…