Remember—during oral arguments, Rebecca Bradley, appointed by Scott Walker, compared stay-home orders to Japanese-American internment. Right-winger Pat Roggensack, who is up in 2023, said flare-ups among meat packers don't affect "regular folks." https://t.co/Nlf7huCfB7 — Ben Wikler (@benwikler) May 13, 2020                    


The court’s five Republican justices appeared to have no compunction about ending social distancing rules for the rest of the state’s citizens, even as they conducted their hearing remotely on Zoom. https://t.co/sZ19i2XxDc — Slate (@Slate) May 5, 2020            


A toast to @repvos, U.S. Supreme Court and @realdonaldtrump: Naked partisanship is one thing, but putting people's lives in danger to do it as another. It backfired big time. Thanks! byyyyyyyyyyye — Jud Lounsbury (@JudLounsbury) April 14, 2020      

Judicial Independence

Judge Jill Karofsky will protect our rights and introduce fairness and common sense to our Court. Her opponent is bought and paid for by special interest money connected to the NRA and Scott Walker. The choice is clear. #WISupremeCourt #wipolitics pic.twitter.com/OSL7Hz5AMH — For Our Future WI (@ForOurFutureWI) March 5, 2020