WASHINGTON-OZAUKEE PUBLIC HEALTH DEPARTMENT: Some parents have sent their COVID-19 positive children to school

There have been issues with those in quarantine trying to return to school earlier than their quarantine would allow. In some cases, parents have refused to test their child for COVID-19 when they’re symptomatic and have sent that child’s siblings to school. Johnson said future messaging to the community will be straightforward: “Look, your behavior, your dishonesty,…


This is literally a Trump campaign photo taken Saturday night in Council Bluffs, Iowa. pic.twitter.com/dYG6j4NuHU — Jud Lounsbury (@JudLounsbury) September 7, 2020              

Pandemic Duo

832 new COVID-19 cases and 15 deaths reported in WI. @SpeakerVos and @SenFitzgerald want to strike down @GovEvers' mask mandate. Evidently they like the numbers higher than they were under 'Safer at Home.' More sickness and more deaths – not what WI citizens want. pic.twitter.com/SHg8slDoHI — Sharky Sarah (@s3bland57) July 31, 2020      …