Donald Trump

Walker Leaves Trump Unscathed

Walker turned to Donald Trump – the 2016 candidate whose political fortunes have risen as Walker’s have cratered – and delivered his carefully prepared zing payload. “We don’t need an apprentice in the White House,” Walker said, “we have one right now.”

It was a reference to Donald Trump’s former show, “The Apprentice,” but Walker seemed to be under the impression that the “apprentice” referenced in the show’s title was Trump. That’s not how the show worked; Donald Trump was not “The Apprentice.” The joke made no sense. A few people in the audience laughed, probably because they’re idiots who laugh at anything. Jeb Bush, standing between Walker and Trump, paused for a moment to work out what Walker was getting at, then offered a sympathetic nod and closed-lip “good job, good effort” smile. The canned line had flopped, and Trump remained wholly un-zung.

Via Scott Walker gasps for air: His Iowa Hail Mary shows a campaign in disarray @ Salon.

Walker Bombs at Iowa Tailgate

But Walker was nearly inaudible in his remarks, the fault of too-weak speakers in the tailgate tent. It didn’t matter much anyway: it quickly became apparent that many of the hundreds of attendees who had packed into and around the tent, sponsored by the Iowa GOP, couldn’t see the main stage, and thought — and hoped — they were watching Trump instead.

“We want Trump! We want Trump!” chanted a pocket of students to Walker’s left as he spoke.

On his right, as Walker wrapped up, a woman warned a group of people who were pushing toward the front to calm down. Trump, she said, wasn’t here yet.

His day didn’t get any better when he wended his way through the crowd after the speech — he faced tough, skeptical questioning from several voters over teacher pay, ethanol and global poverty. One voter mistook him for Marco Rubio.

Via Trump vs. Walker: A tale of two tailgates @ POLITICO.

ALEC Called for Ending Birthright Citizenship First

In the face of declining poll numbers, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker jumped on the bandwagon, declaring that he too would dismantle the 14th Amendment, which grants citizenship to “all persons born or naturalized in the United States.” Even GOP presidential candidates who personally benefitted from birthright citizenship joined in. Marco Rubio and Bobby Jindal, both of whom are American citizens despite being born to non-citizen parents, called for restricting the program.

How these candidates would undo 117 years of precedent is unclear: they would either have to amend the constitution, or appoint activist U.S. Supreme Court justices willing to reverse the 1898 court decision that found the constitution guaranteed citizenship to all children born in the United States.The American Legislative Exchange Council, or “ALEC,” adopted the same policy in a 2008 resolution.

Via Not Just Trump and Walker: ALEC Called for Ending Birthright Citizenship Too @ PR Watch

More like a nightmare, really

“Last night, I dreamed that I was talking to someone about Trump. I was expressing what seemed to be rather interesting theories, none of which I can remember now, probably because there were no actual theories in the dream, but only the perception that I was explaining an interesting theory. And then I look over…