Gov. Walker

Meanwhile, for the Mighty

Last week the news was about his failure to provide under a Freedom of Information request a complete visitor’s log for those who visited the Governor’s Mansion.   This morning in bold headlines the Wisconsin State Journal reports that his campaign failed to submit required employer information for nearly 6,000 contributors last year.    This matter of reporting information on employers is one that I called attention to recently, and one that the current Republican controlled legislature is working to remove from our laws.

Via The Rules Do Not Apply To Scott Walker @ Caffeinated Politics.

Wisconsin Press Coddles Gov. Walker (Yet Again)

Yet again I get the impression that Associated Press does whatever it can to protect and/or repair Scott Walker’s image.

Compare the headlines and stories on Walker’s recent FEC filing:

From Washington Post (author – Jenna Johnson): How Scott Walker spent $90,000 a day to lose an election….

From Associated Press (author – Scott Bauer):  Wisconsin Gov. Walker raised about $7.4 million in run for president, spent about $6.4 million….

Via How AP and the WI press does damage control for Governor Drunken Sailor @ blue cheddar.

Money Down the Drain

Worse are today’s reports Walker even screwed up his spend-thrift, tax payer-financed trips down the rabbit hole.

Notes top news pieces today on Walker:

  • How Scott Walker spent $90,000 a day to lose an election (Johnson,Washington Post)
  • Fiscal Conservative Scott Walker Spent Like a Drunken Sailor, Put Kids on Payroll
  • Reckless spending on exorbitant salaries killed the Walker campaign (Catanese, U.S. News and World Report)
  • Scott Walker faces tough task in repaying presidential campaign debts (Stein, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)

Via Scott Walker’s Pres Campaign Was a Fraud, and It Blew Up @ MAL Contends…

Broke, Busted


By the time Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin departed the presidential race, his campaign was $161,000 in debt, having raised $7.3 million and spent $6.3 million, campaign finance filings released Thursday show.

There was nearly $1 million left in cash on hand, which could be earmarked for settling some outstanding receipts that haven’t been filed yet.

One of Mr. Walker’s selling points was that he would be an effective steward of the country’s finances. But his campaign filings reveal a bloated payroll and high salaries, with Mr. Walker’s campaign manager, Rick Wiley, on course to make $200,000 for the year.

There were travel bills and hotel rentals. But there was little in the way of investment in tangible infrastructure in the early voting states.

Via Scott Walker Dropped Out With Campaign Owing $161,000 @ New York Times.

Livin’ Large

Ah yes, the old Friday afternoon news dump, as Gov Walker tries to make people forget about the arrogance and waste that was a big part of his joke of a presidential run:

A pair of international trade missions headed by Gov. Scott Walker this year cost taxpayers nearly $150,000, and Walker’s political groups are reimbursing the state $125,000 for separate costs for his security team’s travel while he pursued the presidency.

Via UPDATED Friday news dump- the expense of Walker’s vanity @ Jake’s Economic TA Funhouse.

They’ll Make it Good Legal

The far-right Wisconsin Supreme Court already handed Governor Scott Walker a “get out of jail free card” when it called a halt to the John Doe criminal probe into campaign finance violations by Walker and his team of advisors during the 2011-2012 recall elections.

Now, the Wisconsin legislature is going the extra mile with three separate bills to retroactively decriminalize the behavior at the heart of the investigation and to defang the nonpartisan elections agency that aided it….

Via WI GOP Begins Retroactive Decriminalization of Scott Walker Fundraising @ PR Watch.