Gun Control

Fitzgerald Didn’t Act

This is the Wisconsin state senator who gaveled out of a special session in November, which was called by the Governor to address the state’s gun violence crisis, just minutes after it started. Molson Coors #wileg https://t.co/p9jphgVocD — Shannon Watts (@shannonrwatts) February 26, 2020                  


I see she’s adopted the rebranding “gun safety.” “Gun safety” has traditionally meant handling your guns safely, but now it’s supposed to mean what has more commonly been called “gun control.”

“Safety” sounds nicer than “control.” “Control” is what a repressive state does to a cowed citizenry and what sexist men want to do to women. It’s what puts the freak in control freaks. But “safety” feels like a caring mother, a loving partner, a beneficent government.

Via Althouse: Is Hillary Clinton sorry she reacted to the San Bernardino massacre with a call for more gun control?