They say it’s anonymous, Valentine’s Day data-collection

Kinsey Reporter allows anonymous citizen observers around the world to report on sexual behavior and experiences, and then share, explore and visualize what people report. Data submitted by individuals is also used for research and shared with the public at the Kinsey Reporter website. Via Valentine’s Day subject of Indiana University sex research @ JS…

But Gov. Walker wasn’t there

Madison — Just a few feet from the speakers, a protester Monday held up a sign criticizing Gov. Scott Walker at a statehouse veterans ceremony. Ironically, Walker wasn’t even on hand for the event organized by the Madison Veterans Council, since the governor is honoring Veterans Day with events in Green Bay and Milwaukee today.…

Monday Music: Valentine’s Holiday Edition

Monday Music is a weekly feature at my websites, and here are a few songs with a Valentine’s Day connection, with choices suitable for those in love, those hoping for love, and those who are now (but I would hope only temporarily) broken-hearted. For those falling in love: Something in the Air Between Us