Feigned Ignorance

Enough w/the feigned ignorance shtick. It was the same BS w/"Black Lives Matter": It did NOT mean ONLY Black Lives Matter & had to be responded-to w/ALL lives matter, it meant Black lives matter just as much as whites. Believe women=Don't impulsively think they're lying https://t.co/xEbThYvTpp — Jud Lounsbury (@JudLounsbury) May 18, 2020 .  …

Liberty includes language

My daughter and I stopped at the gas station the other day to grab some soda and a snack. We were talking in Croatian like always and the lady behind us smiled at me and said, “It’s so nice to see a mother and daughter together. If only you would speak English.” I was taken aback for a second, letting the words sink in. I was shocked at what I heard, but it wasn’t unimaginable because some people are afraid of different.After a few seconds, I gathered myself and muttered a few choice words—in Croatian. We paid for snacks quickly and quietly left the store. I could see my daughter looking at me for a response and I was trying my best to do what I would want her to do, just let it go. However, it was difficult to do so.

Via Different is Beautiful @ MKE Moms Blog.

Yeah, there’s no shot for that…

What I want to talk about is the fanciful idea floating from the poorly written headline — that there could be a vaccination that would give you immunity not from a medical disease but from your mother’s wishes — as if the dreams from your mother are analogous to disease and infect you and degrade and destroy you

Via Althouse: I’m fascinated by the unintentional ambiguity of the headline “This teen got vaccinated against his mother’s wishes.”

Bad Thoughts, Bad Words, Bad Deeds

The ones who fawn over Trump need to be reflected upon.  If the media didn’t bleep such profanity on television news they would get backlash from offended people. But those same people are not similarly offended that the profane utterances are from Trump himself!  That is the type of people the rest of us need to contend with, and try to not laugh and gag over at the same time.

Via Donald Trump’s Profane Language Should Be National Topic @ CAFFEINATED POLITICS

Inferences and Implications

The “Paul Ryan is a ‘hard worker'” incident teaches that slavery must be mixed into discussions of, well, perhaps anything. If someone complains about the heat, maybe you should get on their case for not acknowledging how much more slaves suffered from the heat. If somebody comments that the food isn’t very good, you should lay into them about how poorly fed the slaves were? (That sounds like the opposite of “super-careful.”)

Via “Now, what could possibly be wrong with the description ‘hard worker’?” @ Althouse.

One kind of passenger

But then, who rides in a clown car other than clowns? And what makes a car a clown car aside from its being full of clowns? There’s no specifically purposed vehicle known as a clown car. It’s just a Volkswagen Beetle or some other such small car. Via Greg Orman explains the clown/clown car distinction…