Ron Johnson: America’s Dumbest & Most Malevolent Senator™ : Wisconsin reports record-high 48 coronavirus deaths as Sen. Johnson falsely claims state has flattened the curve https://t.co/SlJawPk3Av via @journalsentinel #covidiocy #wipolitics @SenRonJohnson — John Adams (@DailyAdams) October 22, 2020                    

Highlight’s from The Verge’s Foxconn Report

In the end, the Foxconn debacle in Wisconsin is the physical manifestation of the alternate reality that has defined the Trump administration. Read @joshdzieza’s full story here: https://t.co/kIemaESwdw pic.twitter.com/HFc0N0YLXf — The Verge (@verge) October 19, 2020                              

Mexico Never Paid

Trump claims that Mexico is paying for wall b/c of great "new" NAFTA that will eliminate Mexico trade deficit. The year before Trump came into office, we had a 63 billion trade deficit w/Mexico 2017 trade deficit was 69B2018 was 78B2019 was 101B2020 is 56 Billion as of JULY https://t.co/zmvKJfyGmk — Jud Lounsbury (@JudLounsbury) September…

Trump’s Economy

Trump's economic lie summarized in a single image. Wall Street wins while real Americans suffer.#RNC2020 #TrumpMeltdown pic.twitter.com/Q8kI1jnfqx — Bluepool (Voting for Biden) (@BadgerStew) August 27, 2020                  


This is absurd and strawman arguing. Tara Reade has been proven to be a serial fabulist, a serial accuser ## AND ## a serial swindler. Sure, I agree, let's take the serial swindler part out. She's still a serial fabulist / accuser and that ABSOLUTELY is relevant. https://t.co/Hq2BtJ2Ex8 — Jud Lounsbury (@JudLounsbury) May 24, 2020

But he said he was worth TEN BILLION DOLLARS

But wait… The Trumps are supposed to be soooo rich. Surely they can still pay their bills with ease, right?!??Trump Org asks Deutsche Bank to delay loan payments as coronavirus shutters their properties | Raw Story https://t.co/spa7ZCFzXb via rawstory — Bluepool (Voting for Biden) (@BadgerStew) April 2, 2020        

Predictably, Trump Comes Up Empty on Foxconn

From The White House’s official transcript:

This is just the beginning.  This is one of the largest plants in the world.  And when you think in terms of 20 million feet — if you build in Manhattan a million-foot building, that’s a very big building.  They don’t get much bigger.  And here you’re talking about more.  Think of it: more than 20 million feet.  And that’s probably going to be a minimal number.

So I’m thrilled to be here in the Badger State with the hardworking men and women of Foxconn working with you.  Moments ago, we broke ground on a plant that will provide jobs for much more than 13,000 Wisconsin workers.  (Applause.)  Really something.  Really something.  Thank you, fellas.