Why Mother’s Day?

For instance, D.A. Ismael Ozanne did not make his announcement before Mother’s Day but on Mother’s Day. That’s right. Ozanne, who is an elected official, decided that no day would be better to interrupt a grieving mother than on Mother’s Day; a mother who was presumably doing all she could to deliver a smile to…

Today in Madison

DA Ozanne’s announcement in the #TonyRobinson shooting: http://jsonl.in/MQsPv We will have live coverage today of DA Ozanne’s announcement in the #TonyRobinson shooting: http://t.co/8Kto19eRuS pic.twitter.com/vYBRIp4kcj — Journal Sentinel (@journalsentinel) May 12, 2015

Tuesday, Wednesday in Madison

Out of respect for Tony Robinson’s family, Young Gifted and Black will not hold an action tomorrow after District Attorney Ismael Ozanne makes his announcement regarding whether officer Matt Kinney will be charged with the death of 19-year-old black teenager Tony Robinson. We call community members to use Tuesday to remember Tony and reflect on…

Release the Report

The Wisconsin DoJ Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) was tasked with the investigation of Madison Police Officer Matt Kenny’s shooting, per 2013 Wisconsin Act 348, and delivering a complete report of the investigation to the District Attorney. The results of the investigation should be made public and Act 348 demands precisely that: Section 1, 5(b)…


The DA's decision on whether to charge the police officer who shot Tony Robinson will be announced Tuesday. http://t.co/flyd0M9scM — The Capital Times (@CapTimes) May 10, 2015

A detailed look at Madison Chief Koval’s claims about deadly force

Koval’s repeated statements that police departments in the U.S. or in Wisconsin all use identical deadly force policies (other than trivial differences in phrasing) is false. More generally, I would suggest that, given that Chief Koval appears to be repeatedly provided false or misleading information (on this and other issues), that elected officials might be…

Baltimore leader gets it right

Despite Angelos being a platinum-spoon-fed one percenter, he gets it more than some of the 99ers I’ve heard in Janesville who support and defend the legislative agenda of the elite class Angelos describes. With the punishing revenge style social media response trending lately on those who bring truth to power, I would not doubt it…

Was he insane?

Jury picked for insanity trial of ex-deputy, testimony begins Tuesday http://t.co/K33zmvqO2h pic.twitter.com/MR1dbBN9LU — Wis. State Journal (@WiStateJournal) April 14, 2015


MT @mdesisti: PHOTOS: Over 1000 ppl paying respects to slain 21-yr-old WI State Patrol. http://t.co/snotpsibcd pic.twitter.com/SigoeGfYHy — Journal Sentinel (@journalsentinel) March 29, 2015