Broken Record

Apparently President Donald Trump derided and made fun of his former Attorney General Jeff Sessions at CPAC yesterday. And he has continued to tweet about former FBI Director James Comey in negative terms. And he still gloats about his election victory over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The fact that he just can’t let go…even in victory…is just one more infantile character flaw. It makes me wince.

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Nixon fully understood that word usage mattered and his insightful knowledge of foreign affairs along with his deep reading of books about world leaders underscored his appreciation for how things sounded when coming from elected officials.    It is worth mentioning that when Nixon wrote his books he would sit and read aloud his text and listen as the recording played back so he could differentiate the tone between the written and verbal.   From there he would work to craft a more precise final product.

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The incumbent is a lame duck. The world is aflame; America’s inner cities are burning. Hillary Clinton is Hubert Humphrey, that uninspiring establishment candidate, challenged by a Gene McCarthy figure: idealistic but ungrounded, with no chance of success.

On the Right, demagoguery competes with competence. Like George Corley Wallace, one candidate appeals to nativist instincts. He courts violence with violent rhetoric. The rabble is easily roused.

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Conservatives (lots of ’em) against Trump

Last weekend, I spoke at a panel at CPAC, a large national conservative gathering in Washington DC. Oh, I thought I was going to be brave. I resolved to let the chips fall where they may and boldly denounce Trump if given the chance. And I did. The subject was free speech and I said that Trump’s proposal to “open up” the libel laws so powerful politicians like him could sue their critics was antithetical to everything we believe in.

Huge applause. Turns out I wasn’t being so brave after all.

The only thing that really surprised me was the near uniformity and intensity of the anti-Trump sentiment. It is a running joke among movement conservatives and libertarians that, like Pauline Kael who knew no one who voted for Richard Nixon in 1972, we don’t know anybody who is supporting this guy. In fact, it seems that everyone we know not only does not support Trump, they can’t stand him.

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Marquette Poll on GOP 

First of all, Gov Walker’s approval rating was newsworthy in that nothing has changed on that front. Still stuck below 40% (38.8%, to be exact), and not significantly different from what we’ve seen this Summer. What is noteworthy in this poll is that Walker’s disapproval comes from every region of the state.

Scott Walker approve-disapprove, Feb 2016 ,
City of Milwaukee 27.7-69.1
Rest of MKE market 44.0-48.5
Madison market 25.1-70.1
GB/Appleton market 45.0-46.6
Rest of Wisconsin 42.0-51.3

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Winners and losers

Tuesday’s primary results are the latest reminder that it’s almost impossible to have a boring election in the current, overheated political environment….


State Sen. Chris Larson — Who could have seen this coming? Except, obviously, Abele’s pollster, who must have convinced the millionaire incumbent to start spending early and often on his re-election campaign. Yet, in the end, Larson bested Abele by more than 700 votes, despite constant turmoil in Larson’s camp. Now the big question is this: How much will Abele spend to hang onto his seat? Insiders say $5 million is a low estimate….


Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele — The response from the state’s political insiders was summed up by this veteran operative: “Chris Abele’s statewide ambitions took a major hit (Tuesday).” Abele allies were quick to push back. Said one: “It’s way more likely Rep. Dana Wachs” — who? — “runs for governor than Abele.” Look for Abele to ditch his feel-good TV ads and lit pieces in favor of hit jobs focusing on Larson’s shoplifting ticket and Senate record. “Abele will spend what it takes to win,” said one Abele supporter on Wednesday. “There is no number on it.” Must be nice to have deep pockets.

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Talkin’ Up a Third Term

NEENAH – As his former presidential rivals crisscrossed Iowa for caucuses Monday, Gov. Scott Walker stoked the fire on whether he would seek a third term as Wisconsin’s governor.While Walker said he is considering a run for a third term, which would begin in January 2019, count him out for a fourth: “My wife says if I thought about a fourth term, she’d slit my throat,” he said Monday at a private event at the Neenah Club….

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How It Was Funded 

To review – in addition to being a potential fraudster, Scott Walker and his campaign couldn’t even run the grift of laundering funds between his campaign accounts very well. Those campaigns are now broke on the state side, his presidential account is $1.2 million in debt, and Walker is disliked by pretty much anyone outside of a dwindling bubble of right-wing Wisconsinites. In addition, many potential donors are going to be limited in how much they can give to Scotty for the next 3 years. Yes, the GOP Legislature agreed recently to double contribution limits to $20,000 for a Governor’s campaign,but those $10,000 donations all count towards that $20K. So if anything, Walker’s failed money-laundering operation puts him at a DISadvantage for fundraising for 2018. And I doubt think Scotty’s impending home sale (where he’s asking for less than assessed value!) will allow his 27% credit card-having self to fund his own campaign after the Kochs and other right-wing oligarchs cut him off.

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