Janesville Gazette Distorts meaning of Tax Incremental Financing 

First of all, TIF districts were not designed or intended to be used by municipalities to “acquire” property or weaponized to allow private parties to acquire property through government force or below market value. But apparently, according to the newspaper’s new definition, that is how a TIF District works. The part about “charging” the cost of common areas and infrastructure to the district IS how it is supposed to be, but ironically, that’s not how the TIF works for Dollar General.

Via Local Tools Rework TIF Districts Into Tax Exempt Districts For the Oligarchs @ Rock Netroots.

Janesville paper’s trolling for Ryan

Paul Ryan’s loyal media tool, the Janesville Gazette, did what they do best when they recently published a one-sided rambling article with a bewildering troll-like title, “Janesville is his oxygen. Ryan and city go hand in hand” as one in a series of Gazette stories about people, events or things that helped insert Janesville into the national consciousness.

Via Rock Netroots: Waukesha, Not Janesville, Goes Hand In Hand With Paul Ryan

Newspaper Downsizing, Part 52 

“The four have been quintessential Cap Times staffers for years. As has become all too commonplace in this modern media environment, we offered voluntary retirement plans to anyone who either really wanted to put their feet up and retire or was inclined to pursue new opportunities. Either way, it’s never easy to say goodbye, even…

Scripted, Handled

“But what has troubled me most over this week concerning candidates and their dealing with the press is how Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is unable to stand on his own two feet to answer their questions. On Tuesday, Walker’s policy team held a press call with reporters to discuss the Wisconsin governor’s health care plan, as…

State Journal Lays Off Key Reporters, Keeps Lifestyle Spacewaster

Good thinking, gentlemen — 

EAGLE — The mulberries were ripe and sweet, an indigo bunting fluttered about and frogs in varying stages of development were prolific.Water from the spring, as it has for generations, continued to pour at 500 gallons per minute out of the ground of the Southern Unit of the Kettle Moraine State Forest at a constant 47 degrees. But much of the beauty of Paradise Springs has been lost — hopefully, for only a few more months.

Via On Wisconsin: The springs remain, paradise temporarily lost @ State Journal.


“The Wisconsin State Journal, Madison’s newspaper of record, is not covering the biggest story in town (pending today’s thunderstorms). That would be, of course, the blood-letting in the State Journal’s own newsroom late last week. Six writers given pink slips — four of them involuntarily — and a seventh reporter not being replaced. Credit to…


“We’re seeing evidence of this movement this week with the NYT article “Marco Rubio’s Career Bedeviled by Financial Struggles” and last week’s “Marco Rubio and His Wife Cited 17 Times for Traffic Infractions.” These are ludicrously weak attacks. Rubio bought an $80,000 fishing boat (which the NYT called a “luxury speedboat”) after he received an…

Moore v. Clarke

“The country is just now getting to know Sheriff Clarke, but I’m all too familiar with his inflammatory antics,” Moore writes “His proclivity for provocation coupled with his distorted view of black America has grown more extreme over the years, earning him numerous appearances on Fox News. He has helped the network spread a slew…