Owned from Cincinnati

“We are the biggest stick in the state, which seems kind of dad-like,” he said. Via Sykes calls Journal employees ‘children of divorce’; broadcast ‘going with dad’ @ JS The Dudek Abides.

Why, yes, the print group is screwed

….it looks more like Scripps walked off with all the pretty-pretty precious stones while the spun-off Journal Sentinel and its attending outlets will be a lot more modest than today. After all, Journal Communications is signing over to Scripps its profitable flotilla of 14 TV and 35 radio stations, including WTMJ-TV, WTMJ-AM (home of right-wing…

Sykes slices Steitz’s supporter

Because it’s harder to get farther outside the mainstream than Murphy. As a June profile of Murphy noted: Murphy… has called secession “as American as apple pie” and spoke at a pro-nullification conference in Waukesha earlier this year. Also, he has suggested that someone send U.S. Sen. John McCain, a former POW, “back to Vietnam.”…

Sykes Defends

As hit jobs go, this is pretty run-of-the-mill, except for its length and the fact that it is the cover story of the once-prestigious New Republic:  The Unelectable Whiteness of Scott Walker: A journey through the poisonous, racially divided world that produced a Republican star. The unsubtlety of the headline pretty much gives you the…

Limbaugh defends Walker

Scott Walker is powerful and threatening to Democrats because he stands firm on conservative principles, that’s why he is targeted for destruction, and racial politics is the way they do it. Via Rush Limbaugh takes on TNR’s “Unelectable Whiteness of Scott Walker” and (in the process) says my name @ Althouse.

Conservative radio’s future

“Ultimately, demographics are going marginalize this sore-head brand of talk radio,” Cooke said. “We have 95 million millennials who are about to take over the American economy.” Via Conservative Radio is Dying along with its aging Audience. Ever wonder why they don’t brag about their ratings? @ Democurmudgeon.

The Joint Finance Committee moves against the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism were bad on principle and as politics

The GOP’s budget motion was a vindictive attack on a journalistic operation on ideological grounds. Does that sound slightly familiar? At a time when conservatives should be embracing government restraint, the motion combines some of the worst aspects of the IRS and DOJ scandals – using government to punish those perceived as political enemies combined…