Sen. Johnson


Hey @devilradio, please ask @SenRonJohnson why this was buried. He's supposed to work for America, not Russia, right? https://t.co/QmOVkbXZzw — Bluepool (Voting for Biden) (@BadgerStew) September 2, 2020        

Only two weeks ago…

Remember way, way back two weeks ago when extortionist @SenRonJohnson had his jackfest with indicted serial grifter Steve Bannon?https://t.co/o0qfv7ECVj pic.twitter.com/EHhgSpCucV — Scot Ross (@rossacrosswi) August 20, 2020            

Red RoJo Has Lost the Plot

The fact that @SenRonJohnson thinks Jack Nicholson played a good guy in A Few Good Men tells you everything you need to know about RoJo the clown. https://t.co/s3m48wWnmK — Bluepool (Voting for Biden) (@BadgerStew) August 18, 2020                    


? @SenRonJohnson – who supported the firing of Viktor Shokin for years – is again pressed on whether he’s part of a foreign influence operation run by pro-Kremlin Ukrainians: “We are getting information from a variety of sources.” pic.twitter.com/QjBWVwhm1H — Andrew Bates (@AndrewBatesNC) August 2, 2020              

Red in more ways than one?

Why is .@SenRonJohnson working as agent of a foreign power? Is he getting paid? Blackmailed? Doesn't this disqualify him as chair of Homeland Security? Shouldn't he resign his senate seat? #wiright #wiunion #wipolitics https://t.co/xgTGJJvk3T — Wisconsin Strong (@WisconsinStrong) July 22, 2020