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Contract for Statewide Exam Goes to Connected Political Donor  

Susan Engeleiter, chief executive officer and president of DRC, was the Republican Senate minority leader in the 1980s. She also ran an unsuccessful campaign against former U.S. Sen. Herb Kohl, a Democrat, in 1988.

Engeleiter gave Walker’s campaign $10,000 in October 2014 and $500 to state Superintendent Tony Evers in 2013, according to Wisconsin Democracy Campaign records.

Via State picks former Republican lawmaker’s company to create test to replace Badger Exam @ State Journal

Walker Admin ignores true alternative energy sources

Among six midwestern states, Indiana has increased the use of solar power the most, adding more than 115 megawatts in the last five years, compared to about 20 megawatts for last place Wisconsin, the story reports. In wind power for the period 2011 to 2014, top state Iowa added more than 5,500 megawatts, compared to little or no growth for Wisconsin.

The upper Midwest has been a boom area for wind power except in Wisconsin. As I reported in January of last year, “in 2012 seven percent of the entire world market of wind energy was developed in America’s upper Midwest, but 99.4 percent of this development occurred outside Wisconsin.”

Via  Walker “Worst” Candidate on Wind, Solar? @ Urban Milwaukee.

Local control fades

“Republicans hate one-size-fits-all laws that take local control away, right? Nope! Remember when Republican Sen. Tom Tiffany tried to take away local control from communities effected by sand mining? It follows a pattern; they did that with billboards, cell towers, water quality in Dane County, and paid sick leave. So why not mines? Despite being…

WISGOP moves to eliminate audit powers

“This GOP call for dismantling the Legislative Audit Bureau comes after a series in the Wisconsin State Journal revealed the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation [WEDC] had routinely given questionable loans, grants and tax credits to Scott Walker donors, and top Scott Walker aides pushed for a questionable $500,000 WEDC loan. (Wisconsin State Journal)” Via GOP…

WEDC worthless to Northern Wisconsin

Dale Kupczyk, executive director of the Ashland Area Development Corporation, has a system for dealing with applications from Gov. Scott Walker’s job-creation agency, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp.: “We have to throw them in the trash.” Kupczyk says WEDC assistance is not of much value to his community. One problem is that companies courting state…