Pot, Kettle

The latest criticism is that GAB staff used Gmail accounts, rather than their official state email accounts, to communicate with prosecutors during the Walker investigation.

At a hearing last week, Rep. David Craig (R-Big Bend) grilled GAB Director Kevin Kennedy over the agency’s use of Gmail during the John Doe investigation, claiming that private email was subject to hacking and suggesting that the Department of Justice needed to look into the GAB’s actions.

Yet documents obtained through records requests show that Rep. Craig uses a private Hotmail account for official business, including for correspondence with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos also hammered the GAB over its use of Gmail. When asked about his own use of private email, Vos said that he uses his state email account “in 99.9 percent of the cases,” adding, “our policy is we tell people to utilize legislative email when conducting official business. That’s the policy that we practice.”

But documents obtained through public records requests tell another story….

Via Hypocrisy Alert: Speaker Vos and Rep. Craig Use Private Email, Too @ PR Watch.

Road to Nowhere

“Anyone else sensing this transportation issue is really hampering the Republicans? How else do you explain Gov Walker and the rest of the GOP crew at the Capitol constantly trying to talk their way out of the mess they caused with their “split the baby” solution in the state budget, which had the remarkable double-whammy…

Whose Idea?

A review by the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism shows similarities between recent records request denials from the governor’s office and the state Department of Administration and changes inserted in the budget Thursday by Republican leaders — similarities that raise questions about whether Walker himself was involved in the budget proposal.

Critics from the left and right agree the measure would keep vast categories of state and local government documents secret.

Via Dee Hall: Walker Vows to Change Proposal Gutting Open Records @ Urban Milwaukee.

WISGOP legislative steamroller

“Wisconsin GOP legislators have gone on a manic splurge of partisan over-reach this session. From jamming through Right-to-Freeload, to mandating pee-tests, to lowering standards for teachers, the majority party continues to astound us. Arguably the most outrageous over-reach has been the GOP-sponsored, taxpayer-catered, feeding frenzy for private schools….” Via What the Heck Is Going On?…