Defendant asks US Marshals to drag copyright troll Righthaven’s principals to court


….2011 hasn’t been kind to the company, as it has experienced setback after setback in the courts. At this point, there’s little question that Righthaven will be driven into bankruptcy. The only question is how soon it will happen

Monday’s filing suggests the answer is “soon.” It was made by the Randazza Legal Group, which represented one of the first defendants to win in court against Righthaven. In August, a judge ordered Righthaven to pay Randazza $34,045.50 to cover the costs of defending against its frivolous lawsuit. But last week, after learning that Righthaven had less than $1,000 left in the bank, the courts ordered Righthaven to turn over its intellectual property to help it pay its legal bills….

Via Ars Technica.