GOP Rep. Scott Krug breaks promise, cashes in

Gov. Scott Walker’s controversial measures to eliminate the state’s budget deficit meant many state workers had to cut their own spending.

Not Rep. Scott Krug.

For the Nekoosa Republican, Act 10 meant money in his pocket.

In the 2010 election, Krug promised voters that he would not take the $88 daily payments that legislators receive for lodging, food and other expenses while working in Madison. He was running against longtime state Rep. Marlin Schneider, always a leader in so-called per diems.

“My first spending cut is promising not to collect one cent of (legislative) per diem money ever,” Krug told the Wisconsin State Journal in 2010.

Never ever.

But recently released records show Krug finished in the top 20 in the state Assembly for these tax-free payments in 2013, banking $10,560 for 120 days of work in Madison. That comes on top of his salary of $49,943 per year.

Reached last week, the second-term lawmaker said circumstances changed since he first ran for office.

“That was a different campaign,” Krug said.

Via Rep. Scott Krug reneges on promise to never take per diem money @ JS No Quarter Blog.

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