Grant County Sheriff’s Office Deleted Info on Police Dog’s Attack

“BAGLEY (WKOW) — Just-released law enforcement records show a fireworks explosion took place immediately before a Grant County police dog attacked its deputy-handler – a fact deleted from a report released to 27 News days after the animal’s July 3 biting episode.

In an email obtained by 27 News, a Grant County Sheriff’s sergeant also questioned the conclusions on why the dog called “A-Rod” attacked, and cast doubts on the work of the K-9 unit’s handler.Grant County Sheriff’s officials say A-Rod was euthanized following the attack, which required stitches in the arm of Deputy Jay Fitzgerald and forced him to miss work time.

Sheriff Nate Dreckman tells 27 News the deletion of any reference to fireworks from the publicly-released report was appropriate because the explosion was “no factor” in what happened.  Dreckman also defends Fitzgerald’s history with the dog, saying no complaints over the animal’s care were lodged over the animal’s care.

Via Police dog’s attack involved fireworks @ WKOW 27: Madison, WI Breaking News, Weather and Sports.

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