Incumbent Justice Prosser Questions Funding Electoral Challenges Against … Incumbent Justices

Unbelievably self-absorbed, contemptuous of Wisconsin’s electoral system, and laughably self-serving in his view of incumbent justices as pliably empathetic.

“When you have an incumbent judge running, do you want to set up a system that encourages challengers to run against that judge? Whether the judge is moderate, liberal, conservative—whatever the judge. Do we want to set up a system that encourages people to challenge the judge? Encourages it by giving them money to run?

OK. I’m not sure I am in favor of that system. I do believe in accountability. Absolutely. That’s why we have judicial elections—to hold judges accountable. They’re paying attention. They don’t lose touch. They are quite sensitive to what’s going on in society. That doesn’t mean that they necessarily tailor their decisions to contemporary pressure or something like that, but they better darn well be interested and informed on what’s going on, how people feel. You want judges to be accountable, but do you want to make them accountable by encouraging people to run against them by giving them money?”

Via Express Milwaukee.

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