Is there a path to victory for unions?

The theory:

[Walker’s] entire career he’s played to his base, and he’s going to rely on the same strategy now. He’s going to count on the public opinion shifting against the Democratic senators who fled to Illinois. Walker’s got plenty of time –– he can wait it out.

The key is for the pressure to mount on a few Republican senators. Especially the ones running for re-election next year.

Sen. Dale Schultz refuses to say whether he’ll vote for Walker’s bill, but that in itself is an indication that he’s looking for an opportunity to vote against it. Yesterday in the Senate chamber he looked like a rogue senator, wearing a fleece instead of a suit. (I had to point it out.)

Can Schultz get two more senators to take collective bargaining rights off the table?

….Van Wanggaard, who has been a union negotiator for cops, also appears interested in an alternative, although the alternative he proposed with Schultz will definitely not be accepted by Democrats. There just needs to be one more.

Sheila Harsdorf, Randy Hopper and Dan Kapanke are all up for re-election next year. If the unions have a chance, it is probably found with one of them.

Via Isthmus.

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