It only takes a some hard work to make a public commission successful


Yesterday, I wrote about an obvious lack of diligence from members of Whitewater’s Police and Fire Commission. Their meetings are an exercise in lack of preparation, sloppiness, and plodding along unenthusiastically. (See, Lack of Diligence, Front and Center.)

Someone asked me, in reply to that post, if I thought that Whitewater’s commissioners, on the PFC or elsewhere, were all to be expected to be like Henry Kissinger.  The question was about Kissinger’s obvious intellect and erudition, not his foreign-policy approach.  (Honestly, the last thing Whitewater needs is commissioners exercising Kissinger-like machinations.)

It’s a false choice – a fallacy of the excluded middle – to assume that we’ve only the two alternatives of lazy commissioners or Henry Kissinger….

Via Dr. Kissinger’s Services Not Required @ FREE WHITEWATER.