It’s the critics who are dopes

Jeez, they’re swarming this poor man. A giant dope? Isn’t that insult dopey? I read the article, and it seems that Noah’s problem is he needs better joke-writers. I’d say: He’s getting “The Daily Show”‘s joke-writers, so the question is only how he looks, how he delivers the jokes, and how he manages the interviews. If you’re not going to rest on the ground that his old jokes were so offensive that he can’t be the face of the brand, what’s the problem? He’s a giant dope? That makes zero sense. It’s as if the writer — Jessica Winter — doesn’t know that there are writers. That’s annihilatingly stupid.

Via “The Problem Isn’t That Trevor Noah Is Offensive. The Problem Is That He’s a Giant Dope.” @ Althouse.

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