Nationally Disrespected

Today I was alerted to yet another troubling matter that faces our state when presented with a most powerful read from The New Yorker.  It was titled The Destruction Of The Wisconsin Supreme Court.   The article is well worth your time and I will only place a couple paragraphs below to give a sense of why it is important.

As I read this article I again thought about why it is so hard to convince others that merit selection for the supreme court should be earnestly contemplated.  There is no doubt that the election process for the supreme court has reduced the scales of justice to nothing more than a partisan slugfest.  The issues talked about in the article are not the first time pure partisanship has been displayed, and sadly it must be recognized how these types of elections and the money needed to wage them has tarnished and stained the court.

Via Wisconsin Supreme Court Mess Makes For Powerful Read In The New Yorker @ CAFFEINATED POLITICS.