Not So Public, After All

“Just to record what goes into ferreting out details on ‘public’ events with Governor Walker:
I called the number of the event site to get details around 9AM.
Got no answer.Alright. No biggie. A person can call the governor’s office to inquire about what time Scott Walker will appear in public.
Worker Answering Phone in Walker’s Office: “I’m sorry ma’am I do not have access to his calendar”
Me: [pause] You don’t have access to his calendar?(in incredulous voice)
Worker: Hold on…[long pause]
Worker: No. I am sorry. I do not have access to the time for that event.
He told me I could call my local news media to get the time.”

Via Scott Walker plans a not so “unintimidated” public appearance in Beaver Dam today @ blue cheddar.