“Our spark is coming”

Reflecting on the shooting death of Michael Brown and the unrest that followed in a Missouri city, Ald. Milele Coggs says Milwaukee “is just a death or two away from being Ferguson.”

Coggs,one of five African-American Common Council members and its only female, lamented that the “senseless and violent end for too many young black souls continues on.”

Turning toward Milwaukee, Coggs said the same conditions that exist in Ferguson, Mo., exist in Milwaukee.

“All of the same ingredients are here: Conditions of poverty, joblessness, despair, segregation and various other racial inequities are here in Milwaukee, just as they are in Ferguson. The death of Mike Brown was Ferguson’s spark, and if Milwaukee does not make changes soon, I believe our spark is coming.”

Via Coggs: Milwaukee is a death or two away from Ferguson @ JS City Limits Blog.

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