Packers vs. Bears for all the marbles

It will be only the second time in NFL history that the Packers and Bears have faced each other in a playoff format, the other a season-ending “playoff” that was held to determine the Western Division title and the right to play the New York Giants for the league championship.

The Bears won that game, played just seven days after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, 33-14, at Wrigly Field.

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Principal-Teacher Conflict Simmers at Madison Elementary School

….test scores among low-income and special-education students have improved at the 425-student school, which has the largest proportion of low-income students in the city….

Some teachers, backed by their union, call Buhl a bully. They say his way of getting things done has “fostered fear and anxiety in the workplace,” according to a Jan. 7 statement issued by Madison Teachers Inc.

In response, there was an outpouring of support from current and former teachers, who called Buhl a “visionary leader” and said the union is trying to use its influence to force out a principal who doesn’t share its views about teacher autonomy.

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Town of Beloit Residents to Speak Out Against Police Chief

Former Rock County Sheriff Howard Erickson is a spokesman for the grassroots group of neighbors, business owners and friends who got together to share concerns about the town’s leadership….

The group’s frustrations center around five lawsuits pending in federal court against the town and its police chief, John Wilson. The suits claim Wilson made racial slurs and based his decisions in racist ideals. The claims also state Wilson retaliated against police officers who said his behavior was inappropriate.

The group also is frustrated with the town leadership in dealing with the situation, Erickson said.

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Acting Milwaukee County Executive Lee Holloway’s Security Guard Arrested in Spat with Tenant

Guard charged with endangering safety with a dangerous weapon, disorderly conduct and bail-jumping, while allegedly trying to force his way into the tenant’s apartment.

Hollwoway’s not worried, as he’s said that

“We’re evicting her ass on Friday because she’s been a terrible tenant.”

Holloway serves as acting county executive at least into spring.

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2011 WI Fairest of the Fairs Named

Because it’s newsworthy, and because the website needed something to offset the post with Ms. Favre’s mugshot.

The Wisconsin State Fair recently crowned its 45th annual Fairest of the Fair. Alexis Nickelotti, 20, representing Vernon County Fair will represent 76 Wisconsin county, district and state fairs in 2011. She begins her one-year term immediately. Nickelotti was selected from 36 young women and one man.

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JS Editorial: Free the Marriott

The dead hand of the past isn’t even dead; it’s just been resting its eyes.

The Milwaukee Common Council shouldn’t allow the city’s Historic Preservation Commission to hold hostage the proposed hotel on E. Wisconsin Ave….

Everything the commission has done – including the possible deal-killing “approval” granted this week – has served to delay or block the proposal’s progress. If the commission gets its way, the project probably dies, and those old decrepit buildings on Wisconsin Ave. and Milwaukee St. will remain eyesores for who knows how much longer.

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