How is it possible that the writings which appeared in the Marquette University newspaper never came to the attention of her Republican buddies?  How did her ethical lapse in regards to her extramarital affair and the case surrounding it not register with those who wanted to promote her?

Could it be that Walker and Company were trying to pass a fast one over the public?

Or was Rebecca Bradley somehow able to use her womanly charm on a governor who had the power she needed to get a step up the legal ladder?  Did  she bat her eyes, or flip her hair back, or tell him much Ronald Reagan would be proud of his anti-union stands?

There has to be some explanation for the total lack of accountability as to how Bradley was able to get this far with such a troubling and tawdry past.   Voters need to know the truth.

Via Did Rebecca Bradley Use Womanly Charm On Scott Walker? @ CAFFEINATED POLITICS.

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