Some Gov’t IDs More Equal Than Others

A link to a list of acceptable photo ID cards is given here. However, not all government-issued photo ID cards will be honored. Not all photo ID’s are equal. This month, the ACLU brought suit against Wisconsin for disallowing several classes of government-issued ID for voting. For example, while student ID’s from some 4-year colleges will be allowed, ID’s from 2-year technical schools will not. So poorer students, ones unable to afford a 4-year school, will be left out. And out-of-state driver’s licenses are not allowed, even if you just moved here.

Perhaps worst of all, veteran’s photo ID cards, issued by the US Department of Veterans Affairs are not acceptable ID. That is, the photo ID’s issued by the federal government to our veterans are not valid. If we must have photo ID imposed on us, we certainly hope that the current capricious rules are changed to include these other perfectly legitimate forms of government-issued ID.

Via When Is a Government-Issued Photo ID Not a Government-Issued Photo ID? @ Just Sayin’ Blog.