Talented Faculty Flee Wisconsin

Soon, Mahanthappa and Jackson will leave Wisconsin, embarking for the University of Minnesota to do their research in plastics there instead. Mahanthappa’s now-fiance, a family practice doctor at UW Health, will leave with him for a new job in Minnesota. Jackson’s girlfriend will remain in Madison to finish medical school.

The big move is happening because Mahanthappa, a tenured professor who is 39 years old, decided he’d have a brighter future in his field in Minnesota, which ranks just above Wisconsin in chemical engineering in national rankings. He found the school’s courtship of him, which started last fall, too good to pass up.

Many factors, including dire financial times and a perceived unfriendly attitude by state lawmakers toward faculty in Wisconsin, forecast better times ahead there and leaner times here, he said….

Via Faculty uneasy about working at UW after cuts, tenure changes @ State Journal.