The Left can dish it out, but…

Democrats took great glee in marginalizing presidential candidate Mitt Romney as a member of the despised One Percent two years ago. When Republicans returned the favor in the case of the Democrats’ candidate for governor of Wisconsin, the emeritus editor of The Capital Times (the corporation that speaks as if it were a person) cried foul.

“It signals how dirty they’ll play against [Mary] Burke.”

“But this is the state of our politics today,” my old boss Dave Zweifel sermonized. “We can’t discuss real issues without name calling. We can’t address society’s problems without vilifying someone who has a different view.”

If that is his only example — and it was his only example — I think the Republic (and Ms. Burke) will survive. Every so often, my old boss — one of the swell guys of all time — squeezes a newspaper column out of the lack of civility in public life. But his dander, when raised, is awfully selective — even partisan….

Via Civility is a one-way street on Madison’s isthmus @ Blaska’s Bring It!

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