Walker’s 11

The white lab coats at the Blaska Policy Research Werkes jump-started Old Sparky, the Eisenhower-era mainframe computer, to assign Blaska-Bold-ometer points on an exclamation-point scale of ! to !!!!! (listed in parentheses) to each of Walker’s 11 pledges:

1. Cut property taxes so the levy on a typical home in 2018 is lower than it was in 2010. (!!!)
2. Reduce income taxes so they are lower in 2018 than they are today. (!!)
3. Provide tax relief for manufacturing and agriculture. (!)
4. Fight Obamacare, which is raising health insurance premiums for many in Wisconsin. (!)
5. Expand worker-training investments. (!)
6. Freeze technical college tuition and continue the UW System tuition freeze. (!!)
7. Establish accountability measures for all schools receiving public funding. (!!!)
8. Establish high standards for students at the local and state level as an alternative to measures set by people outside of Wisconsin. (!!)
9. Put common-sense limits on the time able-bodied, working-age childless adults can be on public assistance. (!!!!!)
10. Require drug testing for those requesting unemployment and able-bodied, working-age adults requesting food stamps from the state. (!!!!!)
11. Require working-age childless adults receiving food stamps or unemployment benefits to participate in employment training or part-time work. (!!!!!)

Via Scott Walker announces second-term agenda (!!!) -@ Blaska’s Bring It!

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