WEDC in Turmoil: ‘deep and lasting harm’

A high-ranking executive at the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. tendered, then rescinded, his resignation late last month, but not before leveling a withering criticism of the agency’s second-in-command, a former top aide to Gov. Scott Walker.

Lee Swindall, vice president of business and industry development, in a resignation letter submitted Aug. 25, criticized his boss, WEDC chief operations officer Ryan Murray, as “lacking either the talent or experience” to function in his position and “causing deep and lasting harm” to the organization.

“Murray confuses rigid control with stability and sound management,” Swindall wrote to WEDC CEO Reed Hall.

“What he is producing instead is instability, opposition and resentment in WEDC,” Swindall wrote.

“This state of growing unrest,” he continued, “will corrode the ability of the agency to perform and reach goals, not secure it. Ryan Murray is too committed to his own consolidated power to either notice or care about the swelling discontent in WEDC. It will likely be his undoing, and I fear, WEDC will share this fate, as well.”

Via Top WEDC exec threatened resignation, says boss was 'causing deep and lasting harm' to agency @ State Journal.

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