WI GOP Leader Priebus Leads Steele in Race for National GOP Chairman

Priebus estimated to be 1/3 the way to success.

Via Priebus leads Steele in race for GOP chairman – On Politics: Covering the US Congress, Governors, and the 2010 Election – USATODAY.com.

Earlier — Politics blog: Reince Priebus, ‘prince’ of ‘The Daily Show’ and Jon Stewart mocks Wisconsin Republican boss Reince Priebus and Priebus in charge? – JSOnline.

But, Jennifer Rubin of Right Turn thinks that

[Saul] Annuzis actually has the inside track. Steele can’t win. Priebus hasn’t built up enough momentum.

Priebus, Steele’s former general counsel, is unlikely to prevail on the first ballot since he currently is far short of a majority. Following the debate, there was widespread agreement among insiders that Priebus hadn’t put the race away. If anything, all the Steele opponents came across as fully capable of handling the job. There has been some momentum for Priebus since that debate, but he only has 38 committed votes. That’s not all that good for the prohibitive frontrunner.

The vote’s Friday.

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