WI ObamaCare sign-up difficult

MADISON – Three.

That’s how many people had signed up for individual insurance – or, more aptly put, could sign up – with Gundersen Health Plan, one of 13 insurers participating in the federal health-care exchange in Wisconsin.

“That’s a lot lower than we were projecting,” Greg Skemp, director of sales and marketing for the La Crosse-based carrier told Wisconsin Reporter.

Skemp will tell you it’s not the insurance product that’s to blame for the less-than-impressive showing in the first couple weeks-plus of the national roll out of Obamacare enrollment. It’s the $93.7 million federal website ostensibly designed to move customers through the health insurance marketplace described as everything from “glitchy” to an utter fiasco.

Via WI health care exchange seeing few getting through @ Watchdog.org.