Winners and losers

Tuesday’s primary results are the latest reminder that it’s almost impossible to have a boring election in the current, overheated political environment….


State Sen. Chris Larson — Who could have seen this coming? Except, obviously, Abele’s pollster, who must have convinced the millionaire incumbent to start spending early and often on his re-election campaign. Yet, in the end, Larson bested Abele by more than 700 votes, despite constant turmoil in Larson’s camp. Now the big question is this: How much will Abele spend to hang onto his seat? Insiders say $5 million is a low estimate….


Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele — The response from the state’s political insiders was summed up by this veteran operative: “Chris Abele’s statewide ambitions took a major hit (Tuesday).” Abele allies were quick to push back. Said one: “It’s way more likely Rep. Dana Wachs” — who? — “runs for governor than Abele.” Look for Abele to ditch his feel-good TV ads and lit pieces in favor of hit jobs focusing on Larson’s shoplifting ticket and Senate record. “Abele will spend what it takes to win,” said one Abele supporter on Wednesday. “There is no number on it.” Must be nice to have deep pockets.

Via Winners and losers in Tuesday’s primary election @ JS No Quarter Blog.

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