A First Amendment Victory in Wisconsin

Scott Walker’s effort to halt speech based upon content, a fact ignored in local coverage, was struck down this week by Dane County (Wisconsin) Judge John Markson in two rulings.

“Defendants Michael Crute and John Bell, among others, had challenged the constitutionality of the emergency rules, arguing their First Amendment rights under the WI and US Constitutions were violated. Markson agreed in a written decision issued (this week),” report Joseph Skulan and Jason Huberty….

The two rulings, Wisconsin v. Crute and Wisconsin v. Bell (via Isthmus), establish other facts not mentioned: Wisconsin Capitol Police lied repeatedly and Scott Walker and his administration lied repeatedly for the purpose of suppressing speech deemed hostile to Scott Walker and Wisconsin Republicans.

Via Scott Walker and Amen Corner Were Wrong, First Amendment Prevails in Wisconsin @ MAL Contends…